When your start line is over 250 metres or you need to identify a boat at a distance then we need Binoculars.  Using Binos on a committee boat has its problems – committee boats tend to move about and the more wind there is the more they move.

The second problem we run into is that if more than one person has to use the binos  they tend to need adjusted every time as no two people’s eyesight is the same.

Our strong recommendation is to buy binos that are self adjusting.  No – I don’t know how it works – its magic! I use a pair branded Konus 7 X  50 Focus Free. They cost around £50.00 – check your local chandelry or just Google the name and you will find them.

The 7 refers to the magnification – anything higher and it is very difficult to keep the Binoculars on target.  The 50 refers to the optic size – the opening the light comes through.  In this case anything smaller is too small.

Konus Self Focus Binoculars
Konus 7 x 50 Focus Free