RYA Race Management Courses

Race management courses are available for people at all levels of the sport.  We can run club courses locally at your club, then to take it further, run the Regional Race Officer Course which gives the skills to run most open meetings and then again we can move up to the National Race Officer course for those who wish to run Regional and National championships. Here is a brief description of the courses available in Northern Ireland:

Club Race Team Course
Designed to be delivered locally, in your club, in a morning or in an evening – this is a confidence building course for those club members who have to do their “battery duty” only occasionally during the season to run the clubs weekly racing.  We use your own Sailing Instructions and cover all the basic procedures and give hints and tips as to how to make this job easier and more fun.  There is no qualification and no exam in this course.

Club Marklayer Course
Again this is delivered locally in one day using your club’s marks and RIBs to give your marklaying team the skills to lay marks for open meetings.  This is a two part course – theory and a little GPS practical work in the morning and then on the water to put the skills into practice in the afternoon.  We cover lots of techniques to make it easier to lay accurate start lines, gates and set out trapezoid courses. A good, practical ‘hands on’ course.  again no exam or qualification.

Both these club courses cost the club nothing except a small contribution to the presenters mileage (I am based in Bangor so drive from there)  The club can of course charge members if they wish – particularly if tea, coffee etc are provided,  There is no fee for the presenter.

RYA Regional Race Officer Course
This two day course is a comprehensive look at all the basic stuff a race officer needs to run an open meeting , from writing the Notice of race and Sailing Instructions, setting courses, all the signalling stuff, starting races, finishing races and what to do when it all goes wrong!  there is a short, open book, exam at the end of the two days.  There is a cost to the candidate of £85.00 for this course, some clubs pay some or all of this.  To become a qualified race officer you need to pass this exam, then get involved in running events as a race officer or deputy – you need a c.v. with at least four events, preferably more and a reference from an existing qualified race officer – we can help you arrange this.  Send off the application form with all the info and you should get a reply within four weeks.  Having the qualification means that you are covered by the RYA race official insurance scheme – this may even save your club money as they will not have to insure you themselves.

More Courses in the Pipeline
RYA RM committee are working on more courses at present including short online courses on signalling and the all important recording function.  Updating the RRO course is ongoing – we are adding more interactive content to make the course more useful and fun.  The RYA Race Management Manual has also been updated.

So how do I learn more and keep up to date?

So you want to be a race officer?  Most people start by working with an existing qualified race officer who can show you the ropes.  If you don’t have someone you can work with – contact me and we can help prospective ROs find someone to work with.  There is nearly always space on my committee boats for someone interested in learning the craft.  You just have to ask.  There is also a load of information on the RYA Website – Go to Racing and Performance > Race Officials and have a look around.  There are also a number of conferences and update days available – here are some details:

RYA National Race Management Conference
This is run every four years in the year after the Olympics – this is the year any rule changes come into force so this conference is really useful in keeping everyone up to date on current rules and practices.  This is for all disciplines: Race Officers, Judges, Umpires, Marklayers.  Next one will probably be in Wyboston in February 2021.  This conference used to be run every two years but in 2019, Race Management (RM) and Judges and Umpires Committee (JUC) decided to go their separate ways and run their own events.  JUC ran a CPD weekend in London for two days and RM ran various one day Refresher days around the country.  This seemed to work well.

RYA Regional Race Officials Conference
In the years that the National Conference and the CPD/Refresher days are not run, each of the RYA Areas runs an update conference for all race officials locally in the region.  These are open to anyone and are usually well attended. In 2020 this will be at Ballyholme YC on Saturday 4th April.

Irish Sailing National Conference
In our unique position in Northern Ireland we are also most welcome to attend the Irish Sailing National Conference – again this is for all disciplines and is a one day conference – in 2020 it will be on 21st March in Dun Laoghaire

RYA Race Management Courses in Northern Ireland available to book now

RYA Regional Race Officer Course

0900 – 1630 Sat/Sun 18th/19th January 2020 at Ballyholme Yacht Club

This two day course is essential for potential RYA Race Officers and most useful for anyone involved  in running racing on the water.

To Book a place on this course click here

RYA Race Officials Conference

0900-1300 Sat 4th April 2020 at Ballyholme Yacht Club

This is the bi-annual meeting to update race officials on the latest rules, policies, procedures and what’s in the pipeline.

Booking opens soon

RYA Courses at your Club

We can come to you to run courses locally at your Club.  Most popular are the Club Race Team course and the Club Marklayer

For a quick chat about how we can help your club or class – drop me an email or give me a call.